O.N.S Clothing Featured in Men's Journal

O.N.S Clothing Featured in Men’s Journal

The Fashion PR Team here at L.E.R. Public Relations is thrilled to see O.N.S Clothing featured in Men’s Journal.  The article titled “O.N.S Clothing—Real Gear for the Modern Urban Transplant” features the Felix Coat and the Evoy Jacket.

Are you a man who wants to be on-trend this season? Are you wondering if you have the right staples in your closet to be modern and stylish?

Then don’t miss these stylish, fashionable looks that are going to stick around for seasons to come and for future lines check the custom woven tags for your clothing pieces.

The best part about these trendy outfits for men is that many of their elements are timeless. Let’s get started:

The Skinny Jean: The skinny, slim-fitting jean is your go-to staple for building any trendy outfit for men this season. Think of it as your foundational piece. You can pair it with a simple pair of Chuck Taylors, boat shoes or ankle boots for an instant modern and hip look.

The Denim Shirt or Jacket: With your skinny jeans and shoes picked out, it’s time to complete your look with a shirt and/or jacket. Natural fibers and denim are a must-have staple of trendy men’s fashion this season.

So consider putting on a light denim, button-up shirt that is tailored and soft. You also could wear a natural fiber t-shirt from Thrive’s bulk screen printing of shirts and put a light denim jacket over it. Layering is key for trendy men’s fashion — and a jacket gives you that versatility in style.