So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Tips from NYC PR Firm L.E.R. PR on

So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Tips from NYC PR Firm L.E.R. PR on

We at L.E.R. PR have been extremely fortunate to have organized an extensive amount of campaigns including luxury fashion pr, beauty pr, lifestyle pr, and travel pr. Each and every one of our clients has  been unbelievably creative and inspiring to us. In fact, many of the founders of our client brands are bold and innovative entrepreneurs who decided to follow their passions and step out of the corporate hamster wheel. Therefore, we have been there with them through their trials and errors, supported and guided them through their ups and downs and in turn have learned a thing or two about starting a businesses!

Want to know if you’ve got what it takes to lunge into entrepreneurship? See the article below written by our founder and principal Jane Lerman, who is also the NY Young Enterpreneur Examiner.

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