10 Feb 2010

The Art of Fabulous Events- New York, NYC's Luxury Event Planning Firm Gives the 411 on Producing an Unforgettable Event

While event planning is many New York City girls’ dream job, the truth is there is a lot more to a party than just the party itself. Here our event planning experts at NYC’s fastest growing PR firm specializing in fashion, beauty, luxury lifestyle and entertainent reveal the formula that is sure to leave your guests in awe!

So what is it that makes a truly successful event from a publicity perspective?

Is it that:

A) All the booze is finished by the end of the night?

B) At least 5 people danced on the tables?

C) A celebrity was spotted cheating on his sweetie in the corner?

THE ANSWER: All and None of the above

A truly fabulous event that is “successful” from a PR perspective is one that garners lots and lots of media coverage for the client hosting it. We’ve got a winning formula that works 99% of the time:

Unique concept/theme

+Good Cause

+ Hot celebrity

+ Clear Client Branding Displays

+ Happy Guests

+Good Food

+ Awesome Gift Bags

= The perfect buzzworthy event!

Photos from L.E.R. PR’s annual Naughty or Nice Holiday Event to Benefit NY Cares and sponsored by Patron courtesy of (+ awesome photographer!) Jerrit Clark via GuestofaGuest.com!

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